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We understand that some of us are heavy user of some certain apps but can’t afford to pay monthly subscriptions fee. Imagine how much you’ll be budgeting monthly just to keep being a premium user and accessing all pro features of these apps. You know some apps will almost want to choke you with ads if you’re a free users. Those who watch videos on YouTube can testify…it just keeps coming at intervals and can be very annoying.

Same as while playing music on Spotify as a free user, the app features are limited. You can’t even watch movies on Netflix if you do not subscribe. If you are a creator and you do editing, the features inShot or KineMaster would offer to a premium account can’t be found on that of a free account not to talk about ads always popping up and the brand watermark on your project.

Imagine having to subscribe to use YouTube Premium monthly which would cost you $3.69/month and $44.28/year. That about N25,000 yearly in Naira, Opps!

As you can see, this offer here is a life saver or do I have to mention Netflix where the cheapest monthly package is $7.99 in a years you'll have to budget $95. I haven't even mentioned music streaming apps like Spotify and the other 250+ apps you'll have access to and benefiting all features without having to pay a dime. I repeat WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY SHI SHI!!!

The apps are of various categories ranging from utility apps, video and image editing apps, security apps, multi-purpose apps, bot apps, document apps, Spying apps and Privacy apps. Check below for some of the apps.


Spotify, Apple music, Audiomack, Deezer, Resso, Shazam, Boomplay, Pandora, Tidal.


Youtube, Netflix, Disney+, HULU, HBO Max, Snaptube, Amazon prime, IMBd.


inShot, Canva, Vivacut, filmoraGo, Desygner, Picart, Power director, INKredible, KineMaster, Avatoon.


Autoresponder, Instagram gain, Whatsapp spy, VLC player, Pander video compressor, MX player, IP Vanish, Nord VPN, Thunder VPN, Lucky patcher, X Recorder, Live match, Autosave contact.

All of these apps would cost you nothing less than 100K if you are to be renewing your subscription monthly.
Well we won’t be charging you that because we simply want you to have better experience of usage of these apps.
You will have access to all apps mentioned for just N1,500 No hidden charge would be demanded of you.

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Apps Installed

Telegram Members

Access to a private support group.

We have a functional telegram group where all the apps are stored for you to access.

After making the payment, you will be given a link to have access to the download page where you will download the apps.

A unique link assigned to only you for your downlads, which will give you a life time access to the download page.

Apps Overview

You will have access to all the apps promised and as we upload more as time goes on, you will still have access to it without paying again for it...

We upload these apps on our telegram group and this telegram group will be available to you anytime any day as long as telegram exist, you can download the Apps at your convinient time.

Also note that these apps are modified and premium versions and have been unlocked. they are safe to use and virus free however, depending on the specifications of your phone. We do hope that the most important ones work for you.

Things that can stop these Apps from working.

Avoid updating the apps from another source, Ignore Rating App!

  • If you're not having enough space, check your phone space before installing.
  • If you have the free or trial version installed already, delete or uninstall it before installing the pro version.
  • If it's not supported by your device. However, we provide v1 & v2 for some apps, so pick the one that works with your device.

Notify us if your issue is not specified here.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can any phone use the apps?

    The apps are accessible to android users only because they are .apk files which can only be downloaded on android phones.

  • It is the paid version of an app that requires you to pay a required amount maybe monthly or yearly to access all features. No more unnecessary Ads and no more brand watermarks.

  • YES! As long as you have the apps we’ll be providing it for you to installed on your phone, you’ll never have to make any payment.

  • We have a telegram support platform where you can always redownload anytime.

  • Yes  they are! This enable all the app features unlocked without paying.

    PS: Do note that the compatibly of some apps depend on your Phone OS, Storage size and RAM but let hope it all works on your mobile .

  • YES! you’ll be provided a secret website to download any premium app and you’ll be granted rights to re-sell and make money off the apps.

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